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Brian G. Dias Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D. (2008) UT-Austin






Research Background:

My scientific research to date has investigated the neurobiology underlying stress, depression, social behavior, and fear, in organisms ranging from rats, lizards, fruit flies, and currently, to mice. While steeped in rigorous animals behavior, my studies have routinely incorporated molecular, cellular, genetic, epigenetic, and physiological levels of analyses.

Current Research Interests:

My research interests are aimed at understanding how the behavior and physiology of an organism are affected by its micro- (eg. genome, epigenome, and hormones),and macro-environments (eg. ancestral, in utero, and post-natal experiences).

To this end, I utilize the strengths of Pavlovian fear conditioning paradigms. More specifically,

1. At the level of the micro-environment, I am asking how micro-RNA (miRNA) might interact with genetic pathways after fear conditioning to subsequently affect the consolidation and extinction of fear memories.

2. At the level of the macro-environment, I am developing experimental paradigms to query how parental trauma via fear-conditioning affects the behavior of their offspring.